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Vincent Massey Public School Virtual Scholastic Book Fair

Please click the link below for more updated info!

Vincent Massey letter update on Book Fair 2020

Up-to-date info on COVID 19 as it affects our school and families, can be accessed at  There are resources for Community Services listed on the website as well.

For anyone wanting to register their student for the 2020-2021 school year you can use the link on Sask  Rivers website, or click the link below.  You can print it off and then fax it to 306-763-7010, or email it to 

fillable registration form 2020 2021

Below you will find the link for the Pre-Kindergarten Registration Form for 2020-2021. 

2020-2021 PreKind Appli Vincent Massey

Please return your child(rens) filled in registration forms that we sent home.  This is something that needs to be done each beginning school year so we have the most up-to-date information for your student.

School bell times can be viewed below for Vincent Massey Public School.

bell times

We ask that parents/guardians please remember that there isn’t any before or after school program here.  We will let you know if one is developed.  If you drop off your child prior to 8:20 am there won’t be any supervision of them.  Our supervisors are out at 8:20 am and are not outside past 3:15 pm after school.  When dropping off your child in the morning you must drop them off at their muster point at their division door.  If they come in the front door they will be directed back outside to play outside their door until the bell at 8:35.  If you are picking up your child after school please pick them up outside their door.  It is very busy at the front office at that time of day so we would like to keep the crowd to a minimum.  Also, if your child is from the division 3 end, please do not park in the staff parking lot to pick them up.  It is dangerous to have staff driving away while students are running around in the parking lot.  Please pick them up on the street in front of the school.  We have a school bus that drops off and picks up students in the loop right in front of the school so we ask that people not park there before and after school.  Thank you, we appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Please click on the “invite” link below to receive instructions on how to receive texts or emails from the school about events happening at the school.

Remind Handout to read how to sign up for REMIND2019-2020