Vincent Massey Public School

Welcome to Vincent Massey Public School.  We have an enrollment of 420 students from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8.  Our staff takes great pride in making the school inviting and a place where the students feel welcome. We offer a great nutrition program and a daily canteen with healthy choices for students.  The students at Vincent Massey come to a place where everyone feels welcome and empowered.

We welcome new registrations for students in our attendance area to register any time for the next school year.  Click on the link below to access a registration form you can print off, fill in and drop off.

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Vincent Massey Public School Information document

Vincent Massey Public School bussing information

VMPS regular 2019-20-Student-Registration

2019-2020-Prekindergarten-Student-Registration VMPS

VMPS Kindergarten 2019-20-Student-Registration

Click the link below to see which kindergarten class attends each Friday!

2019-2020 VM Calendar Kindergarten revised with new K teacher